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Discovery based education at Clamshell Mont, House of Children
We espouse Montessori spirit of Discovery Based Education
Together at the Top


Clamshell Mont nurtures children to develop their innate curiosity and mentor them along the path laid out by Dr Maria Montessori to promote holistic development. Children have access to world-class developmentally appropriate environments, which maximizes their potential. Our expertly crafted materials aligning with Dr Maria Montessori’s teachings, optimizes children's potential to learn and also promotes local culture and language. Outside the environment, ample opportunities are provided to enhance the child’s bond with nature.

Together at the Top


  • Striving towards holistic development that transform children into a Pearl that shines brightly in the world, filling it with peace, harmony and kindness.

  • Fostering an environment that promotes learning and to continuously optimize our methods to facilitate easy understanding and application of Dr Maria Montessori’s teachings.

  • Working towards constantly improving our environment to inspire our children.

  • To provide a friendly atmosphere for Montessori adults to share their knowledge and strive to support them in their journey towards enhancing their skills.

  • To treat all members of Clamshell Mont respectfully and equally.


Swathi Manjunath,
Founder and Director

Director's Message

Clamshell Mont has been designed, since inception, with quality in mind. The 9500 sq. ft facility at Banashankari, on the outer ring road, has been built exclusively for toddlers and pre-primary children. The facility has been designed to encourage children to work independently in the true spirit of Montessori Method. There are experienced and well trained Montessori adults to guide the children and kindle their spirit.


Clamshell Mont is committed to foster an environment where children can find joy in learning. The Montessori materials chosen are of the highest quality available and every element in the facility is purposefully designed for holistic development of children. Clamshell Mont strives to provide individual attention to each child and assures an environment where children can have optimal learning experiences.

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